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EUROBUNGY was found in 1992.

Starting with jumping off a bridge in Costa-Rica, EUROBUNGY had developed a mobile bungy-jumping system as early as 1992 and offered bungy-jumping of mobile Crane platforms throughout Europe.


In 1995 we jumped the first time of a 250m high Cable Car in Germany and established a permanent Bungy-Jumping Site off the 150m high Cable Car leading to the “little Matterhorn” in Zermatt, Switzerland.

1996 we started to jump of the 190m high suspension bridge in Niouc, Val d’Anniviers.  

BUNGY-NIOUC is still our active BUNGY-SITE and is considered one of the most spectacular BUNGY JUMPS in the world.

In 1998, EUROBUNGY developed the 4in1 EUROBUNGY-TRAMPOLINE which is as of today the maybe most copied Amusement Ride of all times.. No Beach, No Amusement Park without one,  many Malls and shopping Centers and literally all Fairs have at least one, if not multiple. And as of today. still going strong and still choice #1 to start an own business on a dime, by many entrepreneurs.

Since then, EUROBUNGY has created many more Rides & Attractions.  Spiderweb, Rock Walls, Rope Adventures, Pipe Rider.. and since 2014 we are also building in- & outdoor trampoline Parks !

The newest creation was just finished this month in the tropical mountains of Puerto Rico.

It is the “WILD HEX AERIAL ADVENTURE & ZIP TOWER“  This link will bring you straight to it : WILDHEX

We certainly will not stop here .. so hang in there since we are only 24 years young !

Our team

Meet the EUROBUNGY Team

Peter Raidt

Peter Raidt

Running the show 24/7

Peter Raidt, co-founder from the year 1992 is running the show 24/7.
Development, research, designing, manufacturing and installation.
You have a project in mind ? Trust us ! Together we will make it happen.

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Alexis Chou

Alexis Chou

General Manager

In the 12th year with EUROBUNGY, nothing would work without him.
Alexis Chou is our General Manager in Miami with a tremendous performance every single day !

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Andrej Rivero

Andrej Rivero

Production Manager

2015 is his 10th year at EUROBUNGY. 
A very big asset for us. 
He is a “walking blueprint” with all of EUROBUNGY’s rides and structures memorized

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