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Everyone knows AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR from the TV.
It is one of the most popular shows and grows internationally.

We build our NINJA WARRIOR COURSE also with the unique looking aluminum truss system but what makes us special, ...

The WILD HEX was developed & designed by EUROBUNGY.

from #12 different rope bridges to over one hundred different bridges and elements and be implemented in the best and most prestigious WILD HEX  aerial adventure park.

Kids with 4 years of age as well as adults into their late 60ies can enjoy our safe and challenging aerial playground. Different difficult levels allows you to offer something for everyone.

If you consider Trampolines of any kind, we are the GO TO Company for you.

Trampoline Parks have popped up like mushrooms all over the Country. Most charge ~ $ 12 USD for an hour jumping.  They offer  gigantic modular Courts, smaller Dodge Ball Trampoline Courts and Foam Pits where you jump and dive into doing somersaults  and freestyle jumps. 

Just because it is called EUROBUNGY DOME.. does not mean the activities inside the Dome are limited to the BUNGY-TRAMPOLINES!

The traditional type of ROPE ADVENTURES.

We cab build you a complete Tree to Tree Course at your Location!

For heavy duty and high capacity, we recommend of course our most popular item, the 4in1 EUROBUNGY-TRAMPOLINE

Rock Walls … Rock Walls and more Rock Walls.   

Kids love Rock Walls.. they love to climb, to dangle and they love the Height. Check out our portfolio of different designs and uses.

..Extraordinary customer capacity with virtually no operator requirements! Up to 120 customers per hour supervised by only one operator, no harnesses, no auto-belays, no preparation procedures required! This exciting climbing challenge is guaranteed to line up the crowds at any event, providing an exhilarating experience for climbers and spectators alike.

Mobile or Stationary with Tower heights from  30' to 65’

For stationary systems unlimited Zip Distances, for mobil systems distances are limited to up to 200'