Bungy Trampoline

For heavy duty and high capacity, we recommend of course our most popular item, the 4in1 EUROBUNGY-TRAMPOLINE

Eurobungy is the original inventor of the Eurobungy Trampoline. 

We are the inventor & Originator of the  world wide known classic 4in1 BUNGY-TRAMPOLINE which is unmatched in quality, performance and safety. 

The simplicity of installation is engineered into the design. 

The hydraulic ram allows for an effortless set up and no physical force is required.


You will have your choice of Trampolines ! 

  • Rectangle alu framed with mesh (recommended), 
  • Round steel framed with mesh or 
  • round inflatable with mesh. 

All systems come fully operational, including hoists, caribeners, swivels, elastic loops, harnesses, operational manual and your choice of trampolines. 


All of our systems are being engineered to be used mobile &  stationary. 

Mobile trailer based options are available for the 2 in 1 and the 4 in 1. 

Trailers are light and designed with compartments to carry all required gear. 

You have the options of either galvanized steel or aluminum.





Round design

  • Trampoline: 10’ diameter
  • With mesh or inflatable trampoline
  • 12.5’ x 10’ 
  • Weight: 300lbs

Rectangular design

  • Trampoline 10’ x 7’
  • Alu framed mesh trampoline
  • 12.5’ x 10’
  • Weight: 200lbs




Trampoline to choose from

  • Alu framed rectangular with mesh
  • Round (Ø 10’ – 14’ ) galvanized steel with mesh
  • Inflatable round Ø 10’


  • 110v or 220V

Trailer Package for mobility ( compartment and brackets for Pipes etc. included)

  • Alu Trailer 
  • Galvanized Steel Trailer

We recommend our rectangular 1in1 EUROBUNGY-TRAMPOLINE. 

It is small in foot print ( 12.5’x 10’ ) light in weight ( 200lbs),  quick in installation and affordable in price.

But many people have preferences towards the round design or just because they want to be able to use an inflatable instead of a hard framed trampoline. For them we recommend the classic round 1in1 ( can be equipped with an inflatable trampoline which might be required by your insurance carrier). 


For heavy duty and high capacity, we recommend of course our most popular item: 




The very same model, the 4in1 can be used mobile with a small, simple Trailer.  

You can carry all your Gears with it even the necessary Fence.


The integrated hydraulic ram allows an effortless, Set-Up.. 

No physical force is being required and you can choose between three types of trampolines



Stationary system: 1in1, 2in1, 4in1

Mobile Systems: 2in1, 4in1

Available options: Steel or Aluminum trailer


EUROBUNGY-TRAMPOLINE as attachments in one of our Games

  • mobile ROCK WALLS
  • geodesic DOME