Just because it is called EUROBUNGY DOME.. does not mean the activities inside the Dome are limited to the BUNGY-TRAMPOLINES!

Aluminum Geodesic Dome with Canvas Panels creates a year around Adventure Center. 

Available integrated options: 

  • Rope Adventures,  
  • Zip-Line systems, 
  • EUROBUNGY components such as:
    •  Bungy-Trampolines,  
    • V-Flyer
    • Rock Walls
    • Spiderwebs
    • or just anything you want to do with it.

We have three different Sizes available.

  • I: 40’ diameter, 32’ in height
  • II: 50’ diameter, 40’ in height
  • III: 60’ diameter, 50’ in height

The bigger your choice , the more activities we can put in for you!

EUROBUNGY Dome locations:

Some more EUROBUNGY DOME pictures