In- & outdoor trampoline parks

If you consider Trampolines of any kind, we are the GO TO Company for you.

Trampoline Parks have popped up like mushrooms all over the Country. Most charge ~ $ 12 USD for an hour jumping.  They offer  gigantic modular Courts, smaller Dodge Ball Trampoline Courts and Foam Pits where you jump and dive into doing somersaults  and freestyle jumps. 

We carry the only Foam Pit in the  Industry which is even suitable for Outdoor use!

What makes EUROBUNGY’s design standing out among Trampoline Park Builders ?

  • we build as everything else we do, in house. 
  • 2nd our frame work is unmatched in the industry
  • 3rd EUROBUNGY knows how to build things. Better than anyone else does. You are questioning it ? Well..challenge us and we will proof it to you!
  • 4th No other Trampoline Park Builder uses seating area above the inclined trampolines… NO ONE ! 

High Performance modular Trampolines

Very special fabric with open grid allows in combination with super size springs, allows a jumping performance like the professionals. The design was made to serve the entire spectrum of weight from little children to heavy adults. Everyone will be able to bounce with a super performance.

Trampoline Parks ( in- & outdoor)

We developed two different frame designs to allow set up on concrete surface and one soil, grass, sand.

Both types of frames come together like Lego. 

We have a wide range of designs ready to go but for indoor needs, we have to design in most cases individually.

If requested we can have the frame galvanized.

Basket Ball

In all Trampoline Parks, the Basket Ball Court is always busy. Best is to have three different heights mounted to serve all size of Jumpers.

Dodge Ball Court

No Trampoline Park without a Dodge Ball Court. It is practically the heart of every park. It also allows the most jumpers/ sqft since they don’t jump and only play ball.

Foam Pit

We built Foam Pit with trampoline bottom and foam cubes and we built them as inflatable Bags made out of strong vinyl.

Both types have their pros and cons. Call us and we can discuss which one serves you best.

Top Seating Arena

On top of the inclined trampolines, we have our seating area for the jumpers. Built wih aluminum bleachers,  the jumpers pull themselves up to chill and watch the Trampoline Arena. 

These seating benches are always occupied and are very, very popular. They serve two purposes.

One is that they are attractive, second, they increase your capacity on the Trampoline Arena.a.