..Extraordinary customer capacity with virtually no operator requirements! Up to 120 customers per hour supervised by only one operator, no harnesses, no auto-belays, no preparation procedures required! This exciting climbing challenge is guaranteed to line up the crowds at any event, providing an exhilarating experience for climbers and spectators alike.


While the incorporated trailer provides the mobility and the easy set-up (only 5 minutes!) of this exceptional event module, the SPIDER TOWER is also available in a variety of stationary versions perfectly suited for a wide range of sites, from resorts to hotels, from amusement parks to water parks, from shopping malls to mini-golf locations, from family fun centers to zoos or aquariums, or anywhere where a fun-seeking crowd can be found.


Stationary or Mobile Aluminum Structures and with optional steel Trailer


  • Round Ø 8’ or 10’
  • Square 8’x 8’
  • Custom Dimensions available
  • Mobile with Trailer and hydraulic lifting apparatus
  • Custom colors


Available attachments: 

  • Bungy-Trampolines
  • Rock Walls
  • Zip-Lines
  • Slide
  • Inflatable
  • Spiral plastic slide