WILD HEX aerial adventure & zip line park

The WILD HEX was developed & designed by EUROBUNGY.

from #12 different rope bridges to over one hundred different bridges and elements and be implemented in the best and most prestigious WILD HEX  aerial adventure park.

Kids with 4 years of age as well as adults into their late 60ies can enjoy our safe and challenging aerial playground. Different difficult levels allows you to offer something for everyone.

Here are some key facts:

  • It is built to 100% by EUROBUNGY in MIAMI and consists besides wood, cables & bolts, to 100% out of aluminum.
  • The core of the structure are the aluminum hexagon profiled columns. 
  • The design requires triangular layouts and forms a hexagon when #6 triangles are being placed together
  • The structural integrity allows us to keep structural braces, cables, stakes, and foundation to a bare minimum and reach heights up to 65 feet !


Light weight, does not require big and expensive concrete foundations

Light weight allows easy installation. The heaviest part weighs about 80lbs.

No corrosion, ever.

It is an Asset. Installed within 5 days, it can be disassembled within 2-3 days. You want to move or sell it in a few years time, take it down, load it up and ship it to the next destination.

We build everything in-house. That keeps our costs down and allows us to constantly work on research and development while we are manufacturing. 

The compact design allows you to put it literally everywhere. We can have the first level at a height of 10 feet and you have underneath your Karting track, your Mini-Golf or Video Arcade Games.. 

We can build a complete Hexagon or we build a partial. We can build it long and high, you give us the space and we put it in !

Adventure Pulse

Our inclines / stairs are lightweight, aluminum designs, which are suspended by ropes. That means the adventure on the WILD HEXstarts right with the first step.

The portfolio of our rope bridges, rope elements, games or whatever you want to call them is constantly growing. We design for the first steps the easy accessible games, for the light adventurous types, we have the mediocre difficult levels and for the pros, we have the “AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR” or  “ WIPE OUT” designs.  With the purchase of a WILD HEX, you can choose of the vast variety of them or just lean back and let us do the choice.. we know what your customers want.

5 levels. Imagine a ROPE ADVENTURE COURSE with a height of 65 feet and 5 levels. You could zip from the top as far as  1500 feet !




Our WILD HEX structure allows us to build not only the big aerial adventure park, we also build ZIP-LINE TOWERS up to 70 feet high  and in combination with the main aerial adventure park structure,  we can build you an entire Adventure Park with a connecting Zip Line TOUR.

Other activities within our aerial adventure park concept:

  • free fall tower
  • leap of faith
  • big swing
  • climbing wall features

Safety System

We will offer you different systems and brands from which you can choose.

  • continuous belay system
  • the patrons are connected to a steel cable or to a rail at all times. It is impossible to get disconnected 
  • belay system
  • carabiner systems with two connected carabiners.. The system does not allow to disconnect two carabiners at the same time.

We build our ROPE ADVENTURES either on

  • WILD HEX aerial and zip line park
  • Wooden Pole ROPE ADVENTURE Course.

But the best choice is our very own creation, the “WILD HEX”.  

Designed and built in Miami. 100% Aluminum.

Panorama Deck 

On top of the WILD HEX we can build a big Panorama / Adventure Deck. Accessible with a separate spiral staircase

Wildhex Locations